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  • Jimmy Page, Jack White and Director Davis Guggenheim Interview IT MIGHT GET LOUD?

You don't have to suffer through inserted clips of celebrities and other musicians babbling about how great Jimmy Page, The Edge, and Jack White are. The filmmakers cover the three guitar greats individually doing their things, but the film is at its best when the musicians get together on a film sound stage to talk shop and jam. There's a great little scene in the beginning where White hammers together a one-string electric guitar on a 2 by 4 hunk of wood.

  1. It Will Probably Get Loud!
  2. Jack White shows The Edge and Jimmy Page how to play "Seven Nation Army" - That Eric Alper.
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  4. Watch Jimmy Page, Jack White and The Edge Play "In My Time of Dying".
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  6. He plugs the contraption in to an amp and wails, and it's very, very cool. Filmed interviews with Page are pretty rare, so it's especially nice to hear his side of the Led Zeppelin story. Oh, and there's a cool clip of a very young, maybe or year-old Edge playing with his band.

    U2 on Tour

    White teaches a 9-year-old actor who is playing the 9-year-old White how to bash away on guitar. Their different style is evident: Page is experimentation, The Edge is study and Jack White is improvisation. In many moments the spectator can observe three different generations who tell us about their personalities, their careers and, above all, their rock philosophy.

    Jimmy Page, The Edge, and Jack White turn it up to '11'

    The sequence below is one of the highlights of the documentary, where The Edge asks Jimmy Page how Kashmir was born. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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    Jimmy Page, The Edge and Jack White reveal the secrets of electric guitar – Auralcrave

    Growing up in Detroit, Mr. White somehow managed to rediscover the blues during the hip-hop era.

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    • Jack White teaches Jimmy Page and The Edge “Seven Nation Army”.!
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    • It Will Probably Get Loud, episode #4 of Private: Rafflecast on Earwolf.
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    He also relies on cheap, balky guitars. I think a lot of it needs to be ignored. White hammers together an electric diddley bow — one string nailed to a board, with a Coke bottle as a bridge and a pickup shoved underneath — and plays a brash slide flourish.

    Jimmy Page 'Whole Lotta Love' Clinic HD

    Guggenheim said. Even with those credentials, they were surprised when Mr. Page agreed to participate. Tull said. Acceptances from the Edge and Mr.

    Jack White shows The Edge and Jimmy Page how to play “Seven Nation Army”

    White, Mr. Outside the summit meeting the film traces some biographical threads. Before starting to shoot, Mr. Guggenheim had long conversations with the guitarists, easing them into the project and gathering audio recordings that were used as voice-overs; the reminiscences are sometimes presented as animations.

    On camera Mr.

    Around the WWW

    White and Mr. Page each delve into their vinyl collections, and Mr. Guggenheim said, a little ruefully.